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You have heard the phrase, Children of a Lesser God. Haven't you? Take a minute to look around. You will notice many less fortunate people among us with debilitating health conditions that were not of their own making.

If this isn't bad enough, imagine those special children who are affected with a condition at a tender age and never be able to come out of it for life. These children can hear, see and feel just like you and me but cannot understand nor can they express their senses. These are children with developmental disabilities. Developmentally disabled child is debilitated in his/her basic communication, socialization, cognition, imagination or intuitive thought.

Do you know around 0.5% to 10% of people with developmental disability are also gifted with unusually advanced abilities?

One of the greatest discoverers was considered by many to be the most influential scientist who ever lived? He described universal gravitation and dominated the physical universe for the past three generation, but it is virtually unknown that he was with severe ASD. The inventions of this person are practiced by every living creature in this world. Sir Isaac Newton, yes, a great scientist who was affected with developmental disability but has achieved great heights

Synergy Care educates these children in cognitive and motor skills, and teaches at a pace that they are comfortable learning. The trained specialists at Synergy Care provide a curriculum that are tailor made for these children and in a setting that is most conducive to exploit their learning skills.

Every Special Child has a Newton in him. Synergy Care strives to bring out the dormant scientist, scholar, engineer, artist or philosopher from every one of them.
Only time can answer how successful Synergy Care will be in their attempt to reach this lofty goal but one thing is for certain; These children experience love and care every minute of their time at what they know as their home!